Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Healthy Prawn, Vegetables and Rice Dish

It looks tastier in real life honestly..

so today my boyfriend did that really annoying thing where he wanted a Dominos knowing full well how much I love them but that I'm also on a quest to eat healthier and lose weight so for the first time ever I TURNED IT DOWN! that might not seem a big deal to some of you but it felt so good.
I was really tired and couldn't be bothered taking ages to make something but obviously wanted something low in calories and healthy. You can make this so much healthier and better for you but I had to work with what I had.
So I through this together and it tasted so good! You can completely alter this for you're personal preferences but I'll tell you what I did.


What You Will Need
Rice (any kind, I used Basmati because it was all I had)
Vegetables (I used a Morrisons mushroom stirfry kit)
Prawns (My prawns where cooked already so took less time to make. you could use chicken or beef)
Sauce of your choice (I used sweet chilli)
1 teaspoon of Oil
Frying pan

It's really simple so here goes:
  1. Pour the rice into a pot of boiling water (for around 12 minutes)
  2. Wait around 7 minutes and then add the oil to the frying pan
  3. Pour the vegetables you want in to the pan
  4. Let them cook constantly stirring for around 3 minutes
  5. Add a little of the sweet chilli sauce
  6. Whilst doing this you should be checking on your rice
  7. Once the water has pretty much disappeared but has a little bit pour it in to the frying pan
  8. Stir the rice, vegetable and sauce together
  9. Add the prawns and stir in some more sauce
  10. Let it cook for another minute
  11. Serve and enjoy! 
Total Calories = 366 per person (Not bad for a really filling main meal eh?)

What are your favourite quick and healthy recipes? Would you like to see more recipes?
If you try this let me know!

Carmen xx


  1. This actually looks really tasty! Love a good veggie dish (minus the prawns of course) hehe.

  2. this looks amazing! You've started off my cravings for dinner already, haha!

  3. I meant to say that I had seen this in Delicious and thought how fabulous it was.Really so nice and healthy food.Thank you for sharing with us.

  4. Looks very tasty, I'll give it a go although I somehow seems to mess up my rice whenever I attempt it!


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