Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Review: 1,2,3 Perfect - Bourjois

What Bourjois say:
3 colour correcting pigments:
1. Yellow pigments – conceals dark circles for a rested look
2. Mauve pigments – corrects dullness for radiance
3. Green pigments – neutralises redness for an even out the complexion
Soft and smooth formula for an undetectable, second skin finish. Available in 9 natural shades to suit all skin types.
And it’s good for my skin!

What I think:
I don't have particularly dark circles under my eyes but I am a student so sometimes late night studying leaves me a bit tired, I think the foundation covered my circles quite well but I still needed to use a concealer so if you have very dark circles I don't think you could get away with just the the foundation. The second point it's supposed to do it correct dullness for radiance, I'd have to say that I felt it did the complete opposite. I have normal to dry skin and normally only get a bit of dry skin in the winter but with this foundation my head just looked flaky and disgusting and I didn't see any illuminating from the product at all. I usually like more of a dewy finish but this is more matte, I think it would be great for people with really oily skin but for people with any sort of dryness it seems to be too drying. It evened out a lot of my redness but I don't have a lot of scaring or spots to cover so for someone with more redness in their skin I'm not sure how it would work.

Conceals dark circles lightly
Good for people with great skin already
Is matte for oilier skin
Covers light redness

Very drying
Does not illuminate
Only very light coverage of dark circles and redness
Can feel thick on the skin
Doesn't blend well
Shades seem to come up dark

So unfortunately there seems to be more cons than pros for this one. I think if you have oily skin and you are looking for something with moderate coverage that is matte on the skin this would be the perfect choice but if you are looking for a dewy finish this isn't the foundation for you. It's a shame because I had high hopes for this foundation after bourjois healthy mix.

Stars Rating:

please always remember that opinions expressed are only based on my own personal experience and what works for me won't always work for you and vice versa. 


  1. great review! I also love the healthy mix so would have been tempted by this, but it doesn't sound like my cup of tea now! xxx

    1. Glad you found it useful Meg. Yeah it's a shame because healthy mix is like my holy grail now but this is so different. Thanks for commenting xx

  2. Ah that's disappointing. I wanted to try this foundation but I have redness and some dry patches during the winter so I might give it a miss. Great review. xo

    1. Yeah I was hoping it would be a new favourite of mine but doesn't seem to deliver. It may work for you though :) What is your favourite foundation? XX

    2. I use double wear with is pretty full coverage. I'm finding it difficult to ease myself into a lower coverage foundation for the summer, haha! xx

  3. I was going to purchase this but I never tried the Healthy Mix Foundation and have been wanting to for a while now so I think I'll go with that first,heard so many good reviews on it and the lightest shade isn't too dark for my skintone :)



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